Liks Ice-Cream


For another little neighborhood charm – go to Liks for ice cream! They have a whole slew of flavors for ice cream and sorbets. Located on Thirteenth near Cheesman Park, there is always a line to get in because it’s worth every lick, and affordable!



I personally have an emotional connection to Liks because I am a little bit in love with my neighborhood, and it was one of my first dates with my boyfriend. We live on the park and walk there on warm nights.

I personally love their sorbet selection and their white chocolate chip.  Bring me a cone anyday!

Elk Meadow Park


Take a map!

I did this hike in late February with a couple of friends. It was quite icy and slippery, but overall it was a great hike. I saw take a map because the trails slip often, and we were ended up going about six miles when we had intending on only 2 or 3.

Half of the park is very uphill and downhill, and then the other half is very flat and open, it just depends on the route you take.



It’s easy-medium difficulty on the hilly sides, definitely easy on the flat side. There is a dog park across the street and dogs are welcome to join the hike on a leash. There are two parking lots, so be aware of that when you’re finding your way back. It is located near Evergreen, CO.

Maxwell Falls near Evergreen, CO


Maxwell falls, about 50 minutes from Denver, is a GORGEOUS hike. I went in February, with my boyfriend and my dog. It was snow filled and slippery, slippery to the point of dangerous at some points, but it was worth every minute. The website for the hike does say it’s only accessible March-November, so to be safe you should probably stick to those months. My boyfriend and I can’t wait to go back this summer to see it again, thawed.

We started at the Maxwell Falls upper trail, which was beautiful, and mostly flat. Very easy. It’s only half a mile until you reach the falls, which were frozen when we found them. We decided to continue on the Maxwall Falls (lower) trail until we reached the far end of the Cliff Loop, and then took the Cliff loop back to Maxwell Falls (upper) and then back to our car. IMG_3473



The Cliff Loop was MUCH more difficult. It was very steep both up and down, and longer than we had expected, but once your reach the top of the cliff, it is definitely a sight worth seeing and I highly recommend it if your legs are up for the challenge.

 IMG_3495 IMG_3489 IMG_3490 IMG_3482

Coyote Song Trail


Easy, mostly flat, entire loop takes an hour or less.

Coyote Song Trail, near Littleton, CO is a great, easy hike. It’s for the most part the same level all the way through, very few, and very slight inclines and declines. It takes you through a mostly desert like hike, with the gorgeous large red rocks as your scenery.

I’m a bit obsessed with the giant red boulders. Ever since moving to Colorado those have been one of my favorite sights.

The trail is a loop, 1.8 miles out and 1.8 miles back, but you can make it shorter by skipping the loop and just heading to the rocks and back. For that matter, at the end of the loop there is a continuation trail, but I didn’t take it so I can’t speak much for it.

I went on a soggy 40 degree day and by the end was completely covered in mud.  My medium size dog was up to his belly in mud. I am not complaining though, I’m an outdoor girl and a little bit of dirt doesn’t scare me. I’m sure on a less soggy day the trail is cleaner, but I went during a warm spell in February. My own fault.

This hike is dog friendly but are required to be on a leash.

The drive was about thirty minutes from the heart of Denver.EW

The following pictures were all taken by me the day of my hike, February 2014.IMG_3325 IMG_3344 IMG_3352 IMG_3359 IMG_3377 IMG_3378 IMG_3380

Skoops Eatery and Ice Cream


Oh, My, Goodness. Skoops. We miss you.

And let me say, as one voice from your thousand or more loyal customers, we can’t wait until your return.

My boyfriend and I always ordered the same sandwiches. Every single time. Southwest chicken and Turkey, Brie, Strawberry. Mmmm Amazing. We dabbled in your ice cream, we dabbled in your pot pies, and in your green chili.

We love you and miss you terribly.

You were walking distance from home and we make Skoops our meal place usually 3-4 times a week.

Now, on to my review. Obviously for anyone who has stumbled upon my blog, whether by googling a restaurant or how ever else you arrived, I think it’s obvious that I give Skoops 5 starts across the board. The owners were always around, always friendly and ready to chat. They were caring and attentive.

The food… phenomenal. We craved it when we couldn’t have it, we made excuses to get it. Literally every single thing we tried we devoured, it was incredibly delicious.

Skoops is currently between locations. I haven’t heard yet if they have an opening date, or even a new location yet. But there will be a post once I hear something.

And again, Skoops – we love you, miss you, will support you to the end. Thank you!l

Shells and Sauce


Mmmmm. Shells and Sauce.

I’ve decided that when my parents visit, this is the first place taking them. Yep. Five big big stars for Shells and Sauce. I keep hearing this place referred to as a Neighborhood Gem and that is EXACTLY what it is. It is a little treasure hiding on the east side of Cheesman, walking distance from home. YAY!

Walking in, it was smaller than I expected, but it didn’t cause any problems. The tables are close together but it is not uncomfortable by any means.

The food was amazing. Worth every penny. It wasn’t terribly expensive, but slightly moreso than my typical cheap-girl restaurants that I frequent. Around $15-$18 was a typical entree here. Not too bad. But again, delicious.

I personally had the stuffed shells and they were by far the best stuffed shells I’ve ever eaten. Creamy on the inside with a delicious sauce drizzled on top. Fantastic.

I can’t wait to go back. If you need an excuse to go out tonight,. or any night. GO THERE. It’s perfect for a date or with friends or just to grab a meal.

Caveau Wine Bar



Located in Uptown at 17th and Pennsylvania, Caveau Wine bar was a pleasant surprise for me. Having never been there, I looked over their menu online and saw that they had a happy hour until 7:00pm and had a very large wine selection compared to a few other menus I looked at online. 

I arrived shortly before 6:00pm to a full dining area. I had to wait ten minutes for a table, but it was a good wait. They gave me a menu and my first glass of wine while I sat on the bench waiting for a table, and was quickly ushered over to my table once one became available.

When I asked for a recommendation based on my likes and dislikes, the waitress easily had wines she thought I’d like and showed me a couple on the menu.  When coming back to the table she gave my friend and I taste before pouring the glass, which I’m sure is standard but it’s appreciated I’m sure by more than just me,.

I ordered an appetizer as well which was nicely presented and delicious.

The environment inside was fantastic. Dim lighting, comfortable, and cozy. A perfect place for a date or for a night with the girls. It’s decorated wonderfully and I really liked the wall hangings.  It’s a little loud, but mainly because I was there during a busy hour, the noise didn’t alter my enjoyment of the place though. I definitely recommend it and will be going back soon.

Thank you Caveau!