Caveau Wine Bar



Located in Uptown at 17th and Pennsylvania, Caveau Wine bar was a pleasant surprise for me. Having never been there, I looked over their menu online and saw that they had a happy hour until 7:00pm and had a very large wine selection compared to a few other menus I looked at online. 

I arrived shortly before 6:00pm to a full dining area. I had to wait ten minutes for a table, but it was a good wait. They gave me a menu and my first glass of wine while I sat on the bench waiting for a table, and was quickly ushered over to my table once one became available.

When I asked for a recommendation based on my likes and dislikes, the waitress easily had wines she thought I’d like and showed me a couple on the menu.  When coming back to the table she gave my friend and I taste before pouring the glass, which I’m sure is standard but it’s appreciated I’m sure by more than just me,.

I ordered an appetizer as well which was nicely presented and delicious.

The environment inside was fantastic. Dim lighting, comfortable, and cozy. A perfect place for a date or for a night with the girls. It’s decorated wonderfully and I really liked the wall hangings.  It’s a little loud, but mainly because I was there during a busy hour, the noise didn’t alter my enjoyment of the place though. I definitely recommend it and will be going back soon.

Thank you Caveau!

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